Send cute messages

Send cute messages

Send great phrases by SMS and create your own MMS virtual cards!

How to send SMS

Lot of people ask themselves the question about “how send sms”! That’s why our team have worked on several applications of sms to help all the people like you to write cute, funny and original sms but also to permit to send it quickly freely and massively! All those sms are directly sendable by every application of messages like Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, Wechat or Viber! It’s the moment to send textos! Choose a theme of messages and send the sms model directly in France or everywhere in the world! Communicate now with your friends without limits, no matter your phone plan and your phone company, free, sosh, orange, sfr…

How to make a virtual card

In addition to permit to send beautiful words and quotes by SMS our applications also permit to create your own virtual cards to send by MMS to people you care about. Those applications are really ideal to send to your love the sweet words which go well but also to send a wonderful card for all to see! No matter the situation, no matter the context: a declaration or a love poem, a flirty message, a message of you miss me or a birthday poem, you will find the positive inspiration to respond to your needs and send a cute text!

Send messages of wish

Here is the first of the 6 applications from CUTE-TEXT! It’s available one the Playstore and it’s called greeting SMS. On the linked website, you will discover all the messages of wish that our team have prepared for you to wish feast or celebrate an event like Christmas or the first of the year. There are many text categories which cover the whole schedule for the next few years. Every day has its own story and the application allows you to follow daily festivities, it sends you reminders to not forget the event of the day so you can send your wishes and plan an outing with some friends or a meal with people you care about. These texts can greatly help you if you don’t know how to send your wishes or if you miss time the application is simple and quick. The application final goal is to create and customize a nice virtual card of wish that you can share on every social media, by message or by e-mail. Well this application is the ideal tool to send a virtual card to wish a merry Christmas or a happy new year to all with plenty of happiness wishes! You can send messages to your family and to your friends! Inside there are more than a hundred models of messages to send to your relatives and to all people you care about! You can really adapt it to your needs for example to make customized wishing cards like an invitation card for a birthday! Discover all the messages of wish and download the application of sms to send!

Send greeting sms: birthdays, weddings, celebrations, new year's eve...

Send friendship messages

Here is a new component of the CUTE-TEXT saga: friendship messages! We spend lot of time to raze our friends, to go out with them, to play together. But we not enough think to send them messages to tell them how much they are important for ourselves or to thank them to be always on our side even when things are bad. The application friendship messages gather lot of texts to address to your friends. In fact we had gathered a multitude of choice for you to be original in how you will tell them that you treasure them. Tell them what they represent to you. Because friends are family whose we have decided to be part of without using torture…

Send friendship SMS: best friend...

Send a love text

The application love messages is one of the 6 applications of CUTE-TEXT, it allows you to send a nice sms to a person you love or attract you. All of us have already known this feeling, this emotion, breath away, well, so much signs which make you say that a person attract you or that you love him or her. And to reveal yourself, to confess this love and don’t ruin a meeting or a first date, the application messages of love is right there to help you in your business! Browse the categories for a first date and approach her to attempt conquer her! It’s possible that you already have a partner, so in addition of to tell him/her “I love you” send him/her sweet words to maintain you relation in the best conditions! To write to your man or your girlfriend send now all types of messages for him and for her! A love poem, a love quote, a romantic message, everything is in the app! In addition, you can transform your text into a love image and send it like a virtual card by MMS!

Send love text messages to your sweetheart

Send SMS of motivation

The application motivation takes part of the CUTE-TEXT’s club of 6, it is a condition sine qua non to move forward in life and to be happy. If you have lazy friends or in crisis of confidence, boost them and kick their bottom so that they stand up and lead their life! In this way, they will get up to go to work, they will be productive and will accomplish their goals. You can try this application and help yourself with texts and inspiring quotes of the app to create real cards of motivation to encourage your relatives to move themselves and make their day lighter and more positive! You will know how to put a smile on every face, a future coach slumbers in you, it’s without doubt. Convince them to pursue their dreams because like Oscar Wilde said: “shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Send motivation text messages

Send very funny jokes

The second available application is truly jokes SMS! Yes we are little pranksmen and we couldn’t resist at the idea to quickly develop it and to share it with you. It works on the same model that its predecessor. It means that all the jokes are available in the application, you choose the one you want among the numerous categories and then you can edit it. You have the possibility to customize it with the help of emojis, avatars and backgrounds of all kinds, you can also import photos and make a paste worthy of the great masters of Photoshop, and you are free to use the numerous functions of the application. In terms of content, more than barrels of laugh 180 jokes are registered today, there will be new jokes with next updates. They are classified into categories like you would expect, you will see it under the form of a drop-down menu. Among them, there are classic French humor on “les blondes”, jokes of “toto”, “monsieur et madame” or jokes on the nationalities. You will have access to the joke of the day selected by our team and it will send you a notification during the day, to share without moderation! Discover all the messages of joke!

Send motivation text messages

Send messages of sadness

To assist you during difficult moments, CUTE-TEXT lands his version of SMS of sadness. It’s maybe during those moments that the words are the most complicated to find to bring solace and little bit of heat to your relatives’ heart. For that, we put at your disposition several categories like break up, firing or condolences to ensure that you can inspire yourselves and send a nice texto or a beautiful cards of wishes which will help people you care about to overcome challenges and blows.

Send sad sms to say sorry or ask for forgiveness

Send phrases of seduction

Everyone also needs to pick up someone who pleases him, so we have planned a special application to the budding seducer! This application is ideal to send SMS of flirt! You will find the little message that goes well to seduce your bride thanks to a beautiful and sensual text! Download now the app to discover the best word to pick up someone!

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